The first step to getting more clients is landing them in the first place. In this guide, we will show you how to do that by sharing 7 proven ways to get new leads.

The First Step To Getting More Clients Is Landing Them.

1. Define Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

The important first step to getting more clients is saying what you do. Be clear, concise and concise your story down so a potential client could hear it in their head without any complexity or confusion.

If you want clients, you need to be able to clearly communicate the exact value you offer. This is called your unique selling point (USP). It describes the solution you provide, who you provide it to, and how you provide it.

If youre running your business and someone asks you what you do, and your response is “I help businesses grow…” well thats too vague.

Heres the thing… you have to get crystal clear.

People might think the work you do is about “increasing productivity.” But thats not your USP. Yours would be something like: “I help businesses get more clients without having to spam people inbox in facebook.”



You can get more new clients by writing blogs posts that your target audience would find interesting and useful.

Give you a chance to show the immense knowledge you have in your field.

You can use your blog as a sales tool without having to sell anything directly on it! A great way to do this is to direct people straight to your service page.

Here are several things to think about as you are producing your content:

What problem are your ideal clients wanting to solve?

What are the solutions you provide?  How do they work best for your ideal client’s needs and lifestyle (in terms of cost, where can it be used/where is this person most likely to live)? What results will their life change when using these services or products; what does success look like after going through with them.

In your blog, paint that picture.



You probably have some emails from clients who initially inquired about your services and then never emailed you back. Follow up with them and shoot them an email. Try something like:

Of course we all have those potential clients who got away. A simple and yet powerful tool to potentially re-attract them is… just follow up.

Here is a simple template you should find useful in such cases:

Hey (name)!

I just wanted to check in with you to see if you were able to check out my packages or had any questions. I’d be happy to help. Would you like to set up a phone call some time this week? Thanks so much (name)! Have a great day.

Sometimes it’s tempting to give up on the people who blew you off , but before you do, ask them why so that they can improve your relationship.


Take a moment and literally map out your client process by listing what the beginning (first point of contact with your website) to the end will look like.

Improving your work process and adding efficiency so that everything flows will increase the chances that clients can refer their friends or peers to you.

If your clients are excited or impressed with the work you provide, they’ll be eager to share their likes and dislikes with everyone they know.

Here’s an example of a client workflow:

Initial emails >> Phone consult (sometimes) >> Contract >> Deposit Invoice >> Questionnaire >> Proofs (Rounds 1, 2, 3) >> Final Invoice >> Installation >> Phone call instructions (if needed) >> Thank you email

One way to increase client sign-ups is by sharing a process with your current clients. The less confused and frazzled your clients feel, the more likely they are to recommend you.



Blogging allows you to share your expertise with a wider audience, which in turn provides valuable leads for potential clients.

If you are a web designer or SEO consultant and want to grow your business, find a blogger with an audience that would be interested in your services and send them an email to see if they’d allow you to guest post.

For guest posts, you don’t have to worry about writing salesy ads like trying to sell a service. Simply be helpful and write with your ideal audience in mind.

Your post should link back to your site and, ideally, will include an author bio that mentions your services. I am a believer in the idea that if someone likes what you have to say, they’ll hire you. You don’t need to overly sell yourself. A gentle nudge will do.



When I worked as a designer back in the day, I listed my services on Etsy, which is also what I used to invoice my clients.

If you’re just starting a business, Etsy can be a great way to get started if your goal is to attract new clients.

A popular online marketplace, Etsy has lots of potential clients who might be searching for your services. It’s a great marketing tool to use.


Lastly, Webinars are a great way to get new clients. Webinar videos show potential customers about your services or product, and you field their questions live during the event.

Webinars have high conversion rates and promote engagement because they give you the chance to connect with your audience, answer their questions, and share your vast insights on a particular subject.

LeadPages is a tool that not only provides you with an interactive platform from which to create awesome and integrated webinars, but it will also help get your business more exposure.

You can rely on these three strategies alone to help you land more clients in a matter of days or weeks. One of the biggest ways to grow your business is by focusing on the 3-5 tactics that catch your eye. You can always come back to the others in the future. I hope this helped!


Final Takeaway

We’ve discussed many topics in this article, and hopefully it has given you a better idea of how to get more clients.

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